Roads you come across

Life takes you on roads you never imagined you would come across. Life takes you even on those roads you saw coming; just because you saw it coming, life played its game and created more challenges. What lies on the path is the thing you deserve. The thing you chose to have. Remember, every decision you take in life affects you. It will teach you, something for sure. Decision is your choice, outcome isn’t. Whatever you chose, you will get benefit of it. Remember whatever your decision may be. You can always fix things you think are broken. You can always put pieces of you puzzle back to their places, you initially will find it confusing but a little time will help you sort it. This is a game, life increases your game level as you grow up, amateur, semi-pro, professional and then a legend. You will master the game and that is for sure. You are playing to win. You take support of the ladder to climb the checkpoint, so do friends and family play the role.

The objective is not to make life lose, but to make ourselves win.

  • – Shruti

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