What you portray doesn’t define you, it only reveals the side of you that you wish to show. You must be the true side of yourself in front of others. You must not fake your character. Your purity defines you. The goal is to be the real you.

Not everybody likes sunlight, some choose moonlight over it. Both are unique and different in their ways. It isn’t that if someone is fond of Moonlight, Sunlight doesn’t shine brighter. So it’s not necessary that everyone likes your  personality traits. Everyone has a different taste and you don’t have to change yourself for them. This is where you try to have a fake impression on someone. Come on, you aren’t this weak that you cant even be proud of your own personality. You have to accept your soul within and then accept yourself around.Remember, You must Portray yourself as a true reflection. Because fake impression outshine your own esteem. 

‘Stop chasing perfection. Instead, start appreciating imperfections as uniqueness.’

“As the water reflects image which depends on the person, but the depth is his own, similarly you have a behaviour which depends, but the personality is your own.”


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