Perspective Matters

We lose people, we meet new people as well. We are rejected, so do we frequently get selected. The fact that depresses us is the feeling we get, the feeling of being unworthy. Sometimes we feel we are not deserving. But the beauty of life drops you to a stage where we are valued more, but then we often become impatient for the arrival of good times. We fail to realize that we wont value sugar until we taste salt. We feel things should just get alright the moment life seems difficult.

Stand up, overcome your problems, set a permanent smile with a positive attitude. This will act as a boost to your life and problems. Your life is a book, plots differ. Have an attitude where if you couldn’t achieve it, you would approach something better. ‘Never give up’ is probably an overused phase which is practically impossible, but rather try to ‘Gain in your loss’.

“Never let something with significance of speed bump become a road block in your life”



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