What Shouldn’t Control You

That one element in life which acts as an ally but is a foe, is anger. Yes, you will get outbursts of anger, a way lot. Remember, anger is another form of fire. That form of fire which burns you, which damages you, and your thinking capabilities. When your actions are governed by this, every word spoken, every step taken is out of your conscious mind resulting nothing but regret. It is okay to be angry, but its not okay to be cruel.

Of course, controlling anger is easier said then done. It’s not only you who is facing this, there are many. The solution? Ask yourself! If you are ready to defend yourself? Are you ready to gather all that strength it will take, all that centralization of efforts to get yourself out of this situation every time? Are you ready to put down this fire? If yes then repeat it to yourself, that you will always let your anger out, because keeping to inside will harm you mentally; not on others or yourself. Help yourself, get up, grab a pen, a paper. Start writing or drawing whatever you want to. No don’t scratch it that harsh. Put down your feelings, your anger, your agitation right there. Take a deep breathe when you feel better. Don’t wanna do that? Take a pillow and shout it all out! NO don’t punch that pillow. A breathe again!

Trust me! It will distract you and simultaneously will let that anger flow and come out. You can always defend yourself with a calm mind. It will make much more impact. Your anger will always portray your image negative. If people consider your anger as a weakness, they will try to take benefits. Show them the rigid personality you carry.

“In a society that profits from your insecurities, standing up for yourself would be a rebellious act.”


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