Appreciated Flaw

Looked at the moon and felt why isn’t it twinkling like all those stars in the sky, soon realized that it has its own originality. The moon is different and unique, the spots on it are its distinctive feature. The beauty of your personality lies on the originality you carry. The moment you get manipulated, you tend to lose your novelty. The idea of living in this world was to contribute your innovation, your ideas and your opinions for a better cause. You have the potential to exhibit qualities and express opinions, which must be your own. Until you don’t work individually, you wont be able to increase the boundaries of your imagination.

Don’t be scared of sharing, showcasing and broadcasting your views, somebody will surely support you, agree you or probably help you. But remember, being original isn’t that easy! You will be subjected to criticism, rejection and sometimes you will be rebuffed. It’s exactly that time when you may get carried away with the fact that someone was better than you, your emotional state will make you think that someone’s ideals is better than yours. Then, you must act like a valiant, who is confident about his ideals, for that someone is also an individual and he grabbed the opportunity because of his ‘own idea’. Remember, none of the ideals and opinions are right or wrong, it’s always the matter of relevance. Sticking to your principles and ideologies will always help you gain self-confidence and respect.

“Some will walk faster, some will take their time. Faster will reach far with focused destination, while the slower will gain experience with exploration.”



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