Surrounding Circle

When it’s about to rain, the clouds surround and cover the sky, they don’t let the sunlight come in. When we are sad, when tears are reaching those eyes, emotions and memories seem to surround and cover your heart and mind. These memories and feelings don’t let your mind work. You just get stuck, just like a bicycle wheel, memories and feelings seem to rotate in themselves.

Wait, that’s okay. It happens with everyone. Some are extrovert to speak it up and some are too introvert to let someone know. Yes, you will reminiscent those corners which hurt the most to scratch. No, you will get over the situation. You will feel you will never, but trust me you will. Now rewind this in your mind, when you were young, you wondered how will you get over this problem, where your best friend didn’t share his lunch box and how the teacher scolded you. You felt devastated, thinking that I have no friends, or rather the teacher hates me. Come on, you came up through those kind of sadness too. Okay you may laugh on them but at that time it was the worst situation. If you could beat that, you can get over all the sadness in life.

Seems silly? But at least you had a flashback to your childhood and it make you laugh. Thinking how stupid you were. You will laugh on how stupid you are right now, 10 years later, thinking oh my god why was I so dumb that time. Sadness will leave, in life nothing is permanent. Life itself isn’t. Why be sad? When you know you have to get even more upset later in life. Keep smiling knowing that you hold that strength too.

“You may never have the capability to find happiness, but you will always have the potential to create happiness; for yourself and for others.”

  • – Shruti

3 thoughts on “Surrounding Circle

  1. Your title, “Surrounding Circle,” is just terrific!
    I love the opening metaphor and how you led into the conversation that followed.
    I am glad you visited my blog so that I could find YOURS! Thank you, and I hope to read much more of your writing in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

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