Photography by: Gillroy Rodrigues
Author : Shruti Patoa


The best suggestion one could give you is to gain experience. Try things a bit more often. Develop communication with people. Most importantly, listen to the stories people have. Every story is a narration based on the experience gained. Walk with a smile, stay a while, think about the wonderful things life has to offer. Pay heed to the little things, those will enhance your ability to gain knowledge from even a small element. Never ask others for the things you need to travel that way, neither tell others. You must ask where the path ends. It will be different for different individual and his/her situations. Wait, believing that you can always explore the journey you choose will help you extract the best of your journey.

“You are walking in your own wonderland, but don’t be lost! Ask others the directions they took and the destinations they reached after them. You will know the difference between the correct and the incorrect path.”

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