Embrace Yourself

What is important? Acceptance is. Accepting your flaws, your mistakes, your talents and yourself. Accepting your mistakes will resist you from committing them again, believing in your talents will help you bloom your personality, and accepting yourself will help you endure your problems with great fortitude.

Always hold great conviction on the fact that you can always correct yourself, in any situation. But it will test your endurance. Be ready to face it all, and see the positive changes coming.

“Change is good. Change will mean that you are developing yourself. Don’t be afraid of the criticism.”


2 thoughts on “Embrace Yourself

  1. Ma’am, talking about my change, a lot changes but then it tries to return to its originality. Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes it isn’t. How can ‘WE’ help
    In those cases?
    I am still eager to meet the person behind these wise words! When may I?


    1. When we feel the change we developed was unnecessary and we want to return to originality, it signifies that the change was influenced by something or someone. We must not change by absorbing the personality or characteristics of something or someone. Instead of returning to originality, why not correct the places required.

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