Quick Conclusions

Everything is stressing, isn’t it? Things seem so difficult, some good things happen but hard times always ruin your happiness, right? Wait, think why circumstances rule over your believes…

We are so quick at judging our life as a whole for the short-termed situation that we often forget the essence of life. It is meant to teach you, test you and strengthen you. We often forget about the spirit we must carry, and surround ourselves with melancholy. We draw quick conclusions without the analysis of the reasons and consequences of the situations.

Life is never going to be perfect. You cannot simply wait for things to happen. You have to make a move. You cannot expect life to be perfect till you don’t make efforts to make it worth your living. Get up and determine your attitude which you would carry in every situation. This decision should be so firm that you would never hesitate to change your mind.

“The variety of circumstances you come across wont determine your being, the way you react to the circumstances will…”


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