Profound Optimism

You are so stressed today, thinking about something you can’t change. You are tensed today, thinking of the situations that might come in your life. You need introspection, but not overthinking. Things will be okay at the end, never lose hope on yourself.

You may fail, you must try again and keep going. Life is full of complications, disappointments and vexation. But always remember, these are incapable of stopping you, until you let them.

Think about your childhood, how you struggled to walk. How you used to fall and get a small injury, cry a little over it and then again attempt to walk with a hope that you will this time. You had that feeling to go forth and achieve your goal, and you did.

Recall the times you used to watch Mickey Mouse or SpongeBob. They always encountered a problem, while facing the difficulties they eventually solved the issues. It was to make us realize that no problem can defeat you.

Help yourself! Learn from your past, grow in your present and rise in your future.

“They will keep accusing you for being different, while you must know they are all the same. Uniqueness is always acquired, not emulated.”



18 thoughts on “Profound Optimism

  1. Well, all I accept from the seldom yet deep is a question:
    Whatever I have done yet is always with a friend nearby me. Loneliness kills me mercilessly.
    Sponge Bob had Patrick and Mickey mouse had . So much that walking was taught by father, and coming over something was mother’s idea.

    How does one continue when everyone’s left her behind ?

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    1. They were with you to teach you. How strong you are. How brave u are. They moulded a raw version of you to a strong version of you. They knew you would’ve to walk alone someday, but trust me you are walking alone but you arent lonely. God bless you

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad to find your this morning. This is an excellent essay and you are a wise & thoughtful woman. Your opening paragraph captures this very well. We stress over something we cannot change, We stress over what we perceive might occur. Bringing our thought back to NOW is the key. If we just put up a stop sign in our thoughts, and tell ourselves to return to the moment, right now, it is truly enlightening. Fear departs when we refuse to dwell on the past or the invisible future. We can move into a place of joy, unexpectedly. Life is glorious despite any challenges we go through.

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  3. This is the first blog i read of yours. What i loved is its simplicity and it being to the point. Kudos to your writing. and also maam may I get your email address. I would like to address and discuss a problem with you if at all you are comfortable. Thank you.

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