Surfeit Rationalism

We keep thinking, about something or the other. It is absolutely necessary to think about things and normal too. But excess of everything is harmful for us. We keep analysing our steps and possible consequences after initiating something. Overthinking is natural but being affected by it is a choice. 

Thinking is the most complex process in our brain, and we choose to do it more than its required. Overthinking simply leads to  unnecessary stress and anxiety. We choose to live in the bubble of overthinking neglecting the importance of sensibility. When we overthink we affect our conscious mind and tend to force our thinking over the practical knowledge that we have. 

You must’ve experienced that even if you knew things are gonna be positive, you overthink about how things may go wrong and try to force that thought on your previously made realistic ideas. Don’t let the temporary issues gain control over your thoughts and manipulate them. You must stay firm with your opinions and ideals.

“Water is so important, but excess of it causes flood. You thoughts are so necessary, but flood of thoughts contrasting to the obvious one, is rather a curse.”



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