Double Trouble

Picture Credits : Unknown


They seem to be all sugar and honey, you listen to them. They act like stones and rocks, you still listen to them. Sugar and honey will manipulate you. Stone and rock will dominate you. They both are two sides of a coin determining which way people would influence your decisions and actions.

Manipulation acts as a rose. Dominance acts as cactus. Both have thorns that would hurt you, but the thorns of rose will hurt you with a beautiful portrayal whereas the cactus looks scary and will hurt you dangerously.

Always remember, manipulators are exploiters. You must be kind in this world but not gullible. You would be a naรฏve misled. You must stay alert. Stay friendly, trust people but with some limitations. Don’t let anyone become the influencer of your thoughts in life.

Dominators will destroy your very essence of freedom, they will force you to do things they want. You must be firm enough not to be submissive. You must not be malleable. You must not fail to raise your voice against something you aren’t willing to do. Nobody can force their will on you.

“Punch whatever stands in the way of you and your ideals…”


14 thoughts on “Double Trouble

  1. What a thought?!!!! Wooww?? !!!! Loved it…. Thou have a strong mind which is hard to be influenced by external forces… will develop well on its own….you dont require an oar, you just need your kayak which will guide by itself to its very own destiny….i loved the examples given saying bout cactuses and roses….. STAY BLESSED YOU ARE A JEWEL TO EARTH……

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