Best of 2016

Author: Shruti (Suchandana)
Photography by: Aadinath Mukherjee


The best extracts from the blog posts published this year are compiled right below:

“Don’t let something with the significance of a speed bump, become a rock block in your life.” – Perspective Matters

“History will repeat itself, but if you change the way they made history, you would probably not follow the same path and probably land the other destination.” – Overshadow of the Gone

“In a society that profits from your insecurities, standing up for yourself would be a rebellious act.” – What Shouldn’t Control You

“Punch whatever stands in the way of you and your ideals…” – Double Trouble

“None of the ideas and opinions are right or wrong, it’s always the matter of relevance.”  – Appreciated Flaws

“Always hold great conviction on the fact that you can always correct yourself, in any situation.” – Embrace Yourself

“Face darkness with your radiating eyes, and see the darkness trying to escape your shimmer.” – Captive

“Be bold, enough to help yourself develop spiritually, mentally and emotionally while countering all the negativity.” – Opportune Growth

“Overthinking is natural but being affected by it is a choice.” – Surfeit Rationalism

The objective is not to make life lose, but to make ourselves win.” – Roads you come across

These are Author’s favourites from this year, make sure you comment down your favourite excerpts from the blog! Happy New Year ❤️

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