Frequent Uncertainty

Author : Shruti Patoa
Photography by: Nikki Harrison


We are those novels that may be loved by someone and may be disliked by someone. It doesn’t degrade or upgrade our main content. The most common thing we all are afraid of is criticism. We often come across situations in life, where we do something by our choice and receive criticism. Sometimes the censure comes from our near and dear ones. We then suffer a multi-emotional time. We think maybe we are not worth doing it, or rather that they never support me when I am doing something well, or perhaps I couldn’t deliver the best because of some reason and so on.

Well, in that situation you must control that outburst of multiple emotions and sit and think about the reasons that made people criticize you. Sometimes, it’s maybe because its not something we should try to do and the critics are right. However, sometimes it’s maybe because your efforts weren’t just enough, or rather its a test to check how could you survive this situation.

Sometimes the criticism is all that we need, to understand that we aren’t meant for something particular but something different and better.

Well never lose hope, if you are truly determined to do it, critics cannot stop you. If you think you will achieve it and the critics need to wait, ignore the condemnation and keep going forward. You are that bird, who gets a slight injury with those harsh words on your wings. You cannot quit flying my dear, you will recover and will fly. You just need to change your flying strategy and become more conscious.

“They will either hit you because they want you to know that you aren’t meant for fighting business, or to uplift you after that fall so that your ambition to achieve increases, or to make you realize that the fight is difficult and if you are determined to stay, you must change your strategy.”

16 thoughts on “Frequent Uncertainty

  1. I propose that doing something worth criticizing is still better than doing nothing at all! Those who never try lack the credibility to bring down those who do. Great post…

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  2. Criticisms? Not actually a factor if your doing what you love to do and you’re doing it your own way. Just be mindful though that you’re wise enough to determine if it’s constructive or destructive, as this post connotes.
    Great points delivered I must say.

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