Author : Shruti Patoa
Image Source : Pintrest


Have you ever thought, that even if we have two eyes that identify colours and witness wonderful moments, we fail to see ourselves. We can see others, observe them, as well as their actions. Yet even if we can’t see ourselves, we know ourselves more than anyone else in this world. Isn’t this enough to justify the fact that, not everything you see is the truth.

We tend to observe things and assume it the way it is happening. Yes, that is due to the strong believe on everything we see, and the trust that we place in our eyes. The question is, what is the use of being so strong and confident on our observations, when we aren’t this strong and confident on ourselves.

We are so quick to judge, to form opinions that we often forget that we can never determine how the fruit is inside by looking at it from outside. We blindly follow the mob and scream ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ yet do the same literally all the time.  After we form an opinion of someone, we make opinion for ourselves as well. Why? You know what you are, why do u need to pretend that you are something else?

We seem to follow the tradition of calling ourselves less efficient, when someone praises. It is like a booster to us. But wait, the difficulty arises when you actually start thinking how you are not good at something, and all the negative vibes start entering the room. You get praises because you are doing well, if you reply with a thank you, you are already assuring that you will progress with the same pace. Yet we say “No, I am not good.” and decline to take any accountability of further progress or setback.

Our eyes show us so many things, we wish to see all rights and no wrongs. All bright and no dark, all positive and no negative. But until your eyes don’t witness the wrongs and negatives in the dark, the rights and positive will not reflect in the bright.

Help yourself, help your eyes. Let your brain relax, stay smooth at everything you are doing. Let your eyes rest, and use it to discover the beautiful world.

“Even if your eyes can’t see you; there lies your vision, which can see you, make you see your progress and that is all that you need. It demands you to be free from, half seen and half heard assumptions.”


12 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Contrary to what people will tell you, self-depreciation is not a reflection of modesty, and to think so is stupid.

    Found this quote somewhere which I thought is quite appropriate for your post. You never fail to impre, as usual!

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  2. So true! We tend to only focus on the good things we have done and not the wrong things. If we accept our mistakes for what it is, we will receive blessings and favor in our life, only if we have an understanding heart. Love this post!

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