Photography by: Gillroy Rodrigues
Author: Shruti Patoa


There is always a part of you that screams for silence, for solitude, for peace and searches for seclusion. The best part about this phase lies in the beauty of your personality during this phase. You tend to explore yourself, discover your ideals and principles, and recognize the disturbance that has caused this feeling.

Just like a touch-me-not, we tend to resist people when they try to gain any knowledge of our state of being. We live in a world, where people constantly try to keep things to themselves and destroy their inner peace.

There lies a difference between ‘keeping things to yourself’ and ‘spending time with yourself’ and you must practice the latter one. Keeping things to yourself is like stalking books in a row, and if you keep doing it, there would be a point when it will follow a drastic collapse. No one wants to experience a breakdown like that.

Meanwhile, do you remember those trips you had in your childhood where you explored things and absolutely admired everything around? When all the beautiful girls chased butterflies and all the smart boys ran behind different insects and animals. Try having such exploration trips with your heart, mind and soul. All those questions that were bothering you will be answered, all the vexation will vanish.

You have been stuffing yourself for long, so long that you barely know what do you know and what you don’t, what do you believe and what not. The challenge is to find out that now.

You have to decide, what do you want now. It’s your decision, whether to burden your heart will all those thoughts or let yourself recognize the real you.

“Your fragile steps will evolve as the strongest foundation of your personality. Make your move wisely.”

24 thoughts on “Absolve

  1. Sad but true. Many people nowadays are strangers even to themselves. Ironic, still, it might seem, that if we listen too much to what the “world” says we turn out deft to our own voice and blind to our own self-knowledge.
    Very good post. Reminds us to be “self-conscious”, of course in the good sense of the term.

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  2. I love this article :). When I read it, I envisioned myself there where I connect with my mind and soul and become one with myself. This post was a relaxation for me. Thank you so much!

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