Photography By: Gilroy Rodrigues
Author: Shruti Patoa


We all witness a point of time when we are no longer able to keep ourselves motivated. We feel that we won’t be able to achieve it and you feel like leaving it once and for all. You feel that it is dragging you down. The challenges don’t just seem to end and everything looks a mess as if now nothing is left to be done. 

Do you recall the time when you were learning how to ride a bicycle? When you fell off the bicycle while riding? It was painful, isn’t it? You had decided you will never ride that bicycle again, but only for a moment. You gathered the courage and started riding it again. You had fallen off it several times but you finally succeeded.
Do you remember when you committed a mistake and felt that your parents will never forgive you? You felt like it was the end of everything and they will never love you the way they did but they forgave you isn’t it?
Do you remember when someone lied to your face and you trusted them and in the end, you were hurt by their actions? That was the time when you felt like never trusting anyone else in your life, but you did. Of course, you trusted someone with something and met someone trustworthy finally isn’t it?

You must’ve come across at least one of these situations, did you overcome them? Yes, great! No? That’s okay, you will soon. At least now you know you will. Setbacks cannot determine the conclusion of absolutely everything, keep that in mind. They don’t define your overall effort and output.  Well saying that nothing is impossible is rather dishonest, but trust me things are under our control till we put efforts to keep them under our control. Until we don’t stop putting efforts, nothing is impossible. And by efforts I mean precisely wise steps, and bold decisions.

I know you are stressed if you’ll ever overcome your problems, your fear, your sadness or these tough times. It is simple, you will, definitely. When? It’s like a game where until you don’t achieve the objective of learning something from those adversities and difficulties, you don’t enter the next level, you don’t progress. Keep trying, be brave and stop thinking that you can’t.

That challenge, that problem must offend you rather than scaring you. It must offend you such that, you crave to do better and prove yourself to be strong.

“Now you have to choose, either you have to fall with fear or rise with strength.”

18 thoughts on “Attainable

  1. I love the message in this post – it is one very close to my heart. I run a blog exclusively focused on encouragement and motivation for the moment you describe in this post: “We all witness a point of time when we are no longer able to keep ourselves motivated.” I’d welcome your insights on my blog anytime you get a chance.

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  2. Your words and the way you portray the things.. life holds a different meaning when seen through your words.. keep writing and keep motivating.. your blogs are wonderful just the way you are…

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  3. Thank you for this much-needed post! This is a great energy booster and you are quite a motivator. 🙂 I agree that everyone goes through obstacles in their life and it does not mean we stay there feeling sorry for ourselves. Great work!

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