Straightforward Note #1

S.N. 1: Relationships Now
Photography by: Murad Osmann (Follow Me To)
Writer: Shruti Patoa


Let’s just face it. It is sad how so many people are unsure if they are happy or not. They do not know why they are in a relationship. They follow the mainstream trend of the modern world, that suggests that you need someone to hold you when you are falling, which is completely wrong. The world nowadays portrays relationships to me more than just being in each other’s company. Everyone attempts to be that cheesy, PDA (Public Display of Affection) type of couple. And if they are single or had a breakup they feel they cannot get out of situations by themselves. They will either try to push themselves to a zone where they want to be alone or would fill their social media handles with abuse for the person. Can you stop the blame game? Today people have made relationship more of a habit than a responsibility. Some people look for relationships only because they couldn’t successfully be happy in their previous relationship. So, now they are getting used to jumping into new relationships because they cannot get over the last one.  It is even more depressing to see people completely lost in the breeze of having a good looking partner. It’s more about posting pictures together and letting the world know that you are together. We see very rare relationships today that are profound. Some people do appreciate the presence of their partner from their heart and stay true to them. Yet some people seem to forget the very essence of love.

Firstly, please know this that you don’t need someone to hold you because you’ve always walked alone. You always have yourself to help yourself as you fall. Secondly, please stop setting yourself into a criterion of how couples should be or how relationships should look like. You don’t stay with a person because it looks nice to stay with them, stay with them because staying with them feels good to you because you find solace when you are with them. Please stop following the trend that says having a girlfriend or boyfriend is cool. Please don’t be dependent on your partner, please let your relationship be a support. It’s not that relationships are bad, it is just that we are trying to make it something it is not. Stop rushing for love.

“Love is a profound feeling that differs from person to person, some find it in messeges and letters, some find it in food and flowers.”

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