Photography By: Christian Hopkins
Author: Shruti Patoa


What is Depression?

A phase of life, which is experienced by everyone. Some get stuck in that phase. Some people just touch it, feel the negative vibes incoming and retreat. This is the phase where people give up on themselves. They fail to realize that they can’t get out of it until they build faith in themselves once again.

Do they always get out of it?

Yes, they do. Everyone does. When they are in that phase, they feel they will never be able to get out of it, or maybe it’ll take forever for them to gather the courage to fight it. But at the end, just like a particular problem doesn’t stay forever, this also won’t.

How real is depression?

As real as emotions are. Depression hits you deeply, perhaps so deep that people fear to measure its depth. This failure has caused a confusion; the people who are not into it feel that they are, and the people who are deep into it, are generally unaware of the fact that they are.

How fast can someone recover?

Depends on the time that person would take to gather courage, to get head and heart back to reality, to restore faith in himself/herself. It’s all in the hands of the sufferer, how he builds himself again.

“It will seem to never end. But it will. Dont be so stressed about it that it starts harming you. Be bold. You need to help yourself. Then you need to help others too.”

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