Straightforward Note #2

Image Source: Pintrest
Author: Shruti Patoa


Let’s talk this straight. Can people stop talking about giving more power, respect, and protection to women? I like the idea of feminism. I agree that women had suffered a lot from the ancient times since men were thought to be more powerful. This was a characteristic feature from which our society evolved. We realized the potential women possess. We even admitted it long ago that the female gender has been suffering a lot and need to get their rights back. Feminists fought for it. People united for it. Yet even today, all we see is, a girl, a lady, a woman is always scared or suppressed. If not, is considered to be like a man. Excuse me? If she is fearless, she is like a man? Then please explain that how does this change anything, it’s just the same as it was maybe 100 years ago. I really appreciate how people try to help women in different sectors to prove our potential, but to be honest, we need more of allowances & support and less of help. Patriarchy won’t stop. Women aren’t safe, just because they can be molested, harassed or raped? What is the use of keeping your girl undercover when you cannot correct the boys? Women cannot do things alone because male is the powerful sex? Why aren’t those women who can carry a life inside her womb for 9 months and push an entire individual out of her considered to be weak?

For all those women who fought to reach wherever they are, I salute you. For all those men who supported a female and inspired her to do something, she dreamt of doing thank you. For all those women who struggled yet fought to correct the wrong, I respect you yet I pity you more. I pity you because now either people will not value your gender or try to protect and respect your gender more. Sadly, when all of us were trying to ask for a simple thing; equality, they fought to raise a society that gives women superiority. Basically, we are trying to change the gender and keep the rules same or keep the gender same and let people shout and fight for female sex forever.

“They are feminists by looks and sexists by soul.”


9 thoughts on “Straightforward Note #2

  1. Thanks for commenting on my post. I agree with some of what you write here but some is confusing. You write women need allowances but then it seems like you are saying the opposite. Women need men and women in the workplace to support them and help them be heard. We don’t need special treatment or allowances. We need fair treatment.

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    1. Rightly said. But first we need to escape patriarchy. For which we need allowances that were not initally given to women. I really admire how you concluded the comment talking about fair treatment cause’ I do believe the same. Thank you for visiting my blog 💛

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