An Entreaty

Photography by Prabuddha Dasgupta

Writers: Shruti Patoa ft. Nikita Sachanandani


Beyond jealousy, revenge and insecurities, there lies a beautiful world where people care for each other, respect each other and wish for each other’s well-being. There are people who do not let their steps and actions get influenced by what they’ve faced or they’re facing. Sometimes, we fail to understand that a life beyond the setback does exist. How you handle your emotions depict your strength. 

To the woman who loves him next

It’s a widely talked about theory that you don’t get to keep your first love, which is fine because a one-sided lover didn’t get to keep me either, call it fate or karma.

The clumsy and mysteriously silly guy you’ve been embracing in your arms is the first love I’m talking about. My first love.

While the worldly elements of typicality are expecting jealousy, I’m here putting forward a request.

I had loved him for as long as I could trace my memories to the past, and whether I do now or not, is a matter of insignificance.

The fact that he’s chosen you is no less than an assurance of your willpower, for his choices are always unique.
So while you’re still the woman he admires, and I’m still the ones he’s left behind in his past, I request you, please, Be just as soft with your hands and touches the next time you’re holding him
Be just as careful with your words, for his delicate perceptions are easily broken
Be just as considerate with the emotions, it’s rare that he catches such feelings so easily. And amidst all this, be just as powerful a woman you are and not let your respect down.

After all, we both might have decided to let go of things, I’m still not as stiff a person to see someone I once loved falling apart again.

The woman who’s loved him first.

“Your devotion must be so pure, that your solicitude is felt without an attempt of its display.” -Shruti

14 thoughts on “An Entreaty

  1. Thank you for teaching me that purity is analogous with principle. Also, thank you for being a day-1’er on my blog, you’re the only one. It’s a great help at the start.

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  2. I stared from a distance as she falls.

    I always felt the first heart break always leaves you scarred for life. However they said, as the scars evolve to beautiful natural tattoos, you will outgrow the pain and remember the pleasant. I am not scared to face my past, neither am I afraid to wake up tomorrow. Just my unconvinced heart screams, would he be able to hold you as delicately as I could ?

    I stared from a distance as she falls into his arms.

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