The Choice

Photography By: Lakshay Bhoria
Written By: Shruti Patoa


Stressed? Tensed? or absolutely indulged in worrying about the next thing that is going to happen? Well, what do you think would be the conclusion? 

Whenever we think of possible probabilities for a particular situation, we always end up thinking of the most horrible outcomes. We have a habit of thinking the worst of something. We are so negative at times that we even get upset with the thought of failure. Be it be our next goal, next problem, next exam or next result declaration. We would think the worse possible outcome of everything. 

Say it is your exam, just before the exam while you are already stressed, you would come up with probabilities that the questions may come out of syllabus. Say if it is a problem, you would think how a problem like a bite of mosquito may end up giving you malaria. Seems funny, isn’t it? That is the level of negativity we have at times. 

There must be a reason for this negativity as well. Negativity is a choice, not a compulsion. Initially, we all tried to be negative for something assuming that if we think the opposite of what we want, we would get what we want. Nobody can deny this. But after a point of time, as this tactic grew into a habit, we changed our viewpoint about it. Now, we think that something negative would happen for real; and start stressing even more over it. 

Lack of confidence may be one of the reasons as well. Our will power must be so strong that no negative vibes should surround us. If we wish to accomplish something, we would, with determination. Sometimes one mishappening becomes the cause of all the negativity inside you. You must realize you don’t get all that you want, but you get all that you need. You must realize that if it isn’t here even after you tried to get it, it is not meant to be here. If you go unsuccessful somewhere, you will have to stay strong and look for other opportunities instead of saying that you don’t deserve to be anywhere. 

It is a truth, positivity is a boost and a choice. The more optimistic you are, the more opportunities you get,  the more goals you accomplish. Positivity works as a good vibe and helps you to get an absolutely different level of energy to do things. Of course, you all have heard of this but none of you actually bothered to implement this. Well, now it is your choice between the good and the bad vibes.

“We live somewhere between the reality we are afraid to face and the fantasy we fear might become a reality.”


13 thoughts on “The Choice

  1. Woow.. This post made me realise how we should always be positive and work towards our goal no matter how many times we fail.
    The imp factor is WE SHOULD NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!
    Keep on writing Sucha!! U r a good writer😉

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  2. I always thought I was careless but now I guess I’m actually carefree.
    Well written in a simple language (for the first time) and yet again tickles my heart and brain. Thanks a lot.
    Thanking you also for posting (after so so long)!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all an honest representation. Nicely put. Well in my opinion, positivity, being optimistic is more on the lines of being brave. We all are born pessimist. Our greatest aim, is to be prepared. Always. This results in planning for the worst. And hence expecting the worst happening to us. Hence a little chaos, I believe, introduces one to face the situation as it is. It makes the person, aware of the strength to act on impulse and trusting the gut.

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