Feelings and Reminiscence

Writer: Shruti Patoa
Photography by: Lakshay Bhoria


“If you remember it, it matters.”

We try to seek reality and then live in a world built by our opinions. We analyze a situation on the basis of what we think. We think only because we know.

We often draw conclusions in life on the basis of the past experiences we had. Sometimes these past experiences help us get through certain situations and sometimes they don’t.

Beyond that, we have moments of life we do not wish to forget. Either those moments are a beautiful part of your life or a lesson. These memories have a special place in your brain (obviously) and in your heart as well. Also, the fact that people do want to keep these memories, explains why they are scared of forgetting them.

The beauty of our heart is that it doesn’tΒ let your mind deny what it wants. Well, there are times when we get shivers down the spine just by thinking about a particular memory. That is exactly why we fear to recall bad experiences. We preassume that the moment we would start thinking about it, it’ll make us weak.

The exact reason for why we can’t get over the misfortune is that we are unable to face the flashbacks we get in our minds. We keep the fear of the incident inside us in a small box, and then we never dare to open that box resulting in the permanency of that fear.

The only way to get over it to face it. Until you don’t face your fear, you don’t recover. The moment you face it, you are no more afraid of it. Once you open that box of fears, you gain the courage to pull it out of you.

Life is a long journey, don’t let small obstacles ruin the very essence of this beautiful path.

“If you know your strengths, work on your weaknesses. If you know your fear, work on your confidence.”


10 thoughts on “Feelings and Reminiscence

  1. A gold/platinum box opens somewhere. Shimmering out of it comes……………advice?
    Another of a Shruti Patoa blog. Glad to know. Actually blessed.
    And look what she speaks? Past! One which everyone (maybe) has, which everyone agonises, and hides. Well done.
    May God bless you as well as me (cackle).

    Liked by 1 person

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