I Believe #1

Photography By: Tejveer Singh
Writer: Shruti Patoa


I believe in love. I don’t know if you do. I am aware of the fact that people assume that an individual will believe in love only when he/she has experienced it. Well, I will not deny this. Everyone experiences love. Love is a feeling, and people do feel it. Not necessarily the love of their beloved. I have felt that love has different definitions and different meanings. Be it be the love for your parents or the love you possess for your sibling, or perhaps the feelings and emotions of love attached with your hometown. The feeling of love of the beloved, as they say, is beautiful. We all have the feeling love in our life, in some form or the other. It is this feeling that makes us strong and makes us weak. May sound silly but it does. So what do you choose to become?

I observe heart breaks. I observe shattered people with shattered dreams and shattered feelings. I understand it hurts. I know the pain is huge and horrible, but I guess not that horrible that it makes you feel worthless. I know some incidents break you, and so did that one. But why did you choose to never get over it? If you want to and are not able to, my dear, allow yourself to heal. And do you believe in the magic of time? 

I will tell you what is the magic of time. Some say time heals. Some say they don’t. I don’t know if it does or not. All I know is, you constantly keep changing. You keep changing in a way that goes unnoticeable. Time may not heal emotional injuries, but I strongly feel it brings change. This change helps you heal, maybe. But bad times won’t stay forever. It will heal you, times change and so does it change you and your life.

On that note, even good times won’t stay forever. But you don’t get to complain about it, okay? There is a reason, you wish the bad times to end desperately. If poor circumstances come for a short period of time, so will the good times. Right? Because life should have an equal balance of both, right?

I started from love. Touched heart breaks and talked about times. I don’t know if I know what all three of them mean. But at least this how I interpret it.

“For you are in a process, in the process of life; You get the exact proportion of things and circumstances that should be there. “

6 thoughts on “I Believe #1

  1. The feeling of love is equivocative in itself, I feel. It makes some drift to dreams and others to wake up to reality. It’s always perplexing. And we choose to be bewildered. And get our hearts broken. And love again.

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  2. When your heart breaks into a million shards like that of glass, it happens right inside you. You have the authority, power and the way of your will, you may mend and reconfigure it the way you want, and yes it is possible and easy to create a strong, stubborn, fierce and yet a polite heart.
    Those sharp hard pieces may be the problem, I see, those edges which slice you and seep out dirty memories. But hey, it’s a one-time process.
    Every princess has to face that one-time problem to happily live ever-after. Let your heart be the princess and you, the king who fights valiantly! (Do not change those genders according to will, may have dire consequences:-). )

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